Errores EXP

Errores EXP mas frecuentes

EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics

EXP-00002: error in writing to export file

EXP-00026: conflicting modes specified

EXP-00003: no storage definition found for segment(number, number)

EXP-00028: failed to open string for write

EXP-00023: must be a DBA to do Full Database or Tablespace export

EXP-00079: Data in table "string" is protected. Conventional path may only be exporting partial table.

EXP-00024: Export views not installed, please notify your DBA

EXP-00019: failed to process parameters, type 'EXP HELP=Y' for help

EXP-00008: ORACLE error number encountered

EXP-00078: Error exporting metadata for index string. Index creation will be skipped

EXP-00011: string.string does not exist

EXP-00006: internal inconsistency error

EXP-00015: error on row number of table string, column string, datatype number

EXP-00068: tablespace string is offline

EXP-00007: dictionary shows no columns for string.string

EXP-00010: string is not a valid username

EXP-00009: no privilege to export string's table string

EXP-00032: Non-DBAs may not export other users

EXP-00041: INCTYPE parameter is obsolete

EXP-00094: could not convert to server national character set's handle

EXP-00035: QUERY parameter valid only for table mode exports

EXP-00058: Password Verify Function for string profile does not exist


EXP-00001: data field truncation - column length=number, buffer size=number actual size=number

EXP-00030: Unexpected End-Of-File encountered while reading input

EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

EXP-00029: Incremental export mode and consistent mode are not compatible

EXP-00018: datatype (number) for column string, table string.string is not supported

EXP-00033: Could not find environment character set

EXP-00037: Export views not compatible with database version

EXP-00016: ORACLE error encountered while reading default auditing options

EXP-00021: can only perform incremental export in Full Database mode

EXP-00017: feature 'string' is needed, but not present in database"

EXP-00045: Cannot export SYSTEM Tablespace for Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace

EXP-00005: all allowable logon attempts failed

EXP-00020: failed to allocate memory of size number

EXP-00004: invalid username or password

EXP-00034: error on rowid: file# number block# number slot# number

EXP-00025: dictionary shows no column for constraint string.number

EXP-00046: Tablespace named string does not exist

EXP-00039: export file string must be on a disk

EXP-00036: Object number non-existent in dictionary

EXP-00014: error on row number of table string

EXP-00040: Dump file and log file must be different

EXP-00050: Cannot perform Partition Export "string" on non-partitioned table "string"

EXP-00049: string option is not compatible with Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace export

EXP-00022: must be SYS or SYSTEM to do incremental export

EXP-00012: string is not a valid export mode

EXP-00044: must be connected 'AS SYSDBA' to do Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace import