Errores LSX

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LSX-00009: data missing for type "string"

LSX-00020: unknown type "string"

LSX-00204: extra data at end of complex element

LSX-00001: NULL pointer

LSX-00023: unknown namespace URI "string"

LSX-00134: attribute "string" has invalid qualification "string"

LSX-00146: element or attribute is improperly defined

LSX-00015: failed to parse document

LSX-00142: invalid sub-element "string" for element "string"

LSX-00003: invalid attribute "string" for element "string"

LSX-00014: empty instance document

LSX-00026: unknown attribute "string"

LSX-00117: "minLength" should not be greater than "maxLength"

LSX-00114: facet "string" not in schema schema

LSX-00151: invalid combination of attributes "ref" and "name"

LSX-00022: unknown namespace prefix "string"

LSX-00132: attribute "string" has invalid occurrences value "string"

LSX-00024: unknown attribute group "string"

LSX-00141: ID type may only be used in attributes

LSX-00147: "string" cannot contain "string"

LSX-00021: undefined element "string"

LSX-00008: feature "string" is not implemented

LSX-00133: attribute "use" has invalid value "string"

LSX-00136: "maxOccurs" is less than "minOccurs"

LSX-00002: root element is not <schema>

LSX-00104: duplicate type "string"

LSX-00130: attribute "processContents" has invalid value "string"

LSX-00144: attribute "string" invalid derivation-restriction value "string"

LSX-00135: invalid min/max Occurs for <all> element, must be 0/1

LSX-00125: "restriction" element is improperly defined

LSX-00148: annotation must come first in "string"

LSX-00118: fixed facet value cannot be changed

LSX-00145: attribute "string" invalid derived value "string"

LSX-00112: facet "string" duplicated

LSX-00011: internal error: string

LSX-00124: "list" element is improperly defined

LSX-00102: duplicate element "string"

LSX-00004: unexpected XML node type

LSX-00113: facet "string" has invalid value "string"

LSX-00143: element "string" must have type or ref

LSX-00106: duplicate attribute "string"

LSX-00116: mutually exclusive facets are not allowed

LSX-00010: extra elements at end of "string"

LSX-00013: element "string" not from Schema of Schemas

LSX-00110: facet "string" should have single value attribute

LSX-00111: type "string" contains invalid facets

LSX-00103: duplicate group "string"

LSX-00123: base type is required

LSX-00150: attributeGroup reference shouldn't have children

LSX-00105: duplicate attribute group "string"