Errores SQL

Errores SQL mas frecuentes

SQL-02112: SELECT..INTO returns too many rows

SQL-02117: Invalid SQL Cursor usage: trying to OPEN an OPENed cursor

SQL-02132: Unable to allocate runtime context sdfla asdjklfajs jfja ajsdf

SQL-02122: Invalid OPEN or PREPARE for this database connection

SQL-02127: Precompiler/SQLLIB version mismatch

SQL-02131: Runtime context in use

SQL-02118: Invalid row for a WHERE CURRENT OF operation

SQL-02109: Inconsistent host cache. Host reference is out of range

SQL-02113: Unable to open message file

SQL-02111: Heap consistency error

SQL-02115: Code interpretation problem -- check COMMON_NAME usage

SQL-02133: Unable to initialize process for use with threads

SQL-02100: Out of memory (i.e., could not allocate)

SQL-02134: Invalid runtime context

SQL-02119: Invalid HSTDEF argument

SQL-02114: Invalid SQL Cursor usage: trying to CLOSE a CLOSEd cursor

SQL-02135: Unable to initialize date format using supplied mask

SQL-02126: Count of array elements cannot be negative (i.e. < 0)

SQL-02110: Inconsistent host cache. Invalid host cache entry type

SQL-02147: ANSI Dynamic occurrence value out of range

SQL-02146: Attempt to allocate an existing descriptor

SQL-02125: Connect error, can't get error text

SQL-02145: Invalid dynamic descriptor

SQL-02123: Context referenced in EXEC TOOLS GET CONTEXT statement not found

SQL-02102: Inconsistent cursor cache. No global cursor entry.

SQL-02149: ANSI Dynamic insufficient item descriptor areas

SQL-02103: Inconsistent cursor cache. Out of range cursor cache reference

SQL-02141: Collection descriptor has not been allocated

SQL-02130: EXEC TOOLS interface is not available.

SQL-02108: Invalid descriptor passed to run-time library

SQL-02124: NULL value returned by EXEC TOOLS statement

SQL-02105: Inconsistent cursor cache. Global cursor not found

SQL-02116: FATAL ERROR: Reentrant code generator gave invalid context

SQL-02104: Inconsistent host cache. No cursor cache available

SQL-02121: Invalid host name

SQL-02142: Collection is NULL

SQL-02138: No external procedure context exists

SQL-02129: Fetched number of bytes is odd.

SQL-02106: Inconsistent cursor cache. Invalid Oracle cursor number

SQL-02140: An unnamed connection already exists

SQL-02128: Sessions still exist, not logged off

SQL-02144: Invalid ANSI dynamic usage

SQL-02143: Target object has not been properly allocated

SQL-02120: First and second arguments to SQLRCN both null

SQL-02101: Inconsistent cursor cache. Unit cursor/global cursor mismatch

SQL-02150: Encountered zero length in ANSI dynamic SET statement

SQL-02137: Multi-threaded agent with no RETURNING clause present

SQL-02136: Invalid NCHAR character set id

SQL-02148: ANSI Dynamic count value out of range

SQL-02107: Program too old for runtime library; please re-precompile it