Errores EPC

Errores EPC mas frecuentes

EPC-00071: invalid maximum event specified

EPC-00067: error opening product definition file

EPC-00035: illegal record length

EPC-00046: general error message

EPC-00047: invalid context value passed

EPC-00070: get host name error; host cannot be identified

EPC-00057: invalid cross-product item number

EPC-00080: file append seek failed

EPC-00003: invalid product version passed

EPC-00063: error reading product definition file

EPC-00004: invalid product registration ID

EPC-00020: Oracle Trace cannot access memory

EPC-00055: error opening data collection file

EPC-00068: seek error in collection definition file

EPC-00069: error obtaining platform/system information, e.g., OS name and version

EPC-00040: error writing to data collection file

EPC-00061: product definition file required

EPC-00001: invalid event flags passed

EPC-00043: error obtaining data file lock

EPC-00077: invalid event key option value specified on epc_init call

EPC-00056: error opening collection definition file

EPC-00073: invalid offset value specified

EPC-00037: invalid event number

EPC-00075: file name required

EPC-00082: append read failed

EPC-00015: not enough memory

EPC-00008: epc_init routine called twice for this product

EPC-00048: no context passed; one is expected

EPC-00064: error creating data collection file

EPC-00081: append write failed

EPC-00062: collection already active

EPC-00066: error writing collection definition file

EPC-00065: error creating collection definition file

EPC-00030: collection not found

EPC-00072: returned_eflags parameter required

EPC-00078: feature not yet implemented

EPC-00006: collection has been disabled

EPC-00076: predefined_eventflags parameter required on epc_init call

EPC-00038: no handle specified

EPC-00049: thread_id is not current thread

EPC-00014: no product number specified

EPC-00002: invalid product ID passed

EPC-00058: epc_init call required

EPC-00060: data collection file required

EPC-00054: product limit exceeded

EPC-00023: product not collecting data

EPC-00039: event specified not collecting

EPC-00053: registration ID already exists

EPC-00036: invalid event passed

EPC-00007: product version required