Errores KUP

Errores KUP mas frecuentes

KUP-04040: file string in string not found

KUP-04020: found record longer than buffer size supported, number, in string

KUP-04017: OS message: string

KUP-04001: error opening file string

KUP-00554: error encountered while parsing access parameters

KUP-00552: internal XAD package failed to load

KUP-04063: unable to open log file string OS error string

KUP-04023: field start is after end of record

KUP-04004: error while reading file string

KUP-04002: error getting file size for file string

KUP-04006: file operation failed

KUP-03003: absolute end(number) - start(number) != fieldlength (number) for field string

KUP-00561: invalid length for binary integer field string

KUP-03002: end position (number) <= start position (number) for field: string

KUP-00600: internal error, arguments [string] [string] [string] [string] [string]

KUP-03012: OCI error getting database column precision.

KUP-04003: error while closing file string

KUP-02003: unrecognized character: string

KUP-02004: quoted string too big

KUP-04014: invalid SLF parameter

KUP-04000: error initializing IO state for file string in string

KUP-04013: other system error

KUP-04008: access to file denied

KUP-04011: file system is full

KUP-03021: clause references unknown field string

KUP-01007: at line number column number

KUP-01006: error signalled during parse of access parameters

KUP-03016: length specified for FIXED records must be greater than 0

KUP-02002: unexpected end of input file reached

KUP-03006: error initializing handle for character set string

KUP-04012: file length is too large for output field

KUP-02005: token too big

KUP-04010: file does not exist

KUP-04080: directory object string not found

KUP-04016: unknown SLF status code number

KUP-03005: relative end (number) specified does not match fieldlen(number) for field string

KUP-04019: illegal length found for VAR record in file string

KUP-00550: parser package failed to load

KUP-03014: OCI error getting datetime fsprecision.

KUP-03013: OCI error getting database column scale.

KUP-03001: fatal error during library cache pre-loading

KUP-03004: absolute end (number) specified with relative start (number) for field string

KUP-00601: fatal XAD error

KUP-02001: unrecognized punctuation symbol "string"

KUP-04007: end of file reached

KUP-04015: internal SLF error

KUP-03007: end position (number) is less than start position (number) for range

KUP-04005: file operation successful

KUP-02006: script line too long

KUP-03008: OCI error getting column parameters.