Errores LFI

Errores LFI mas frecuentes

LFI-00118: Unable to change type to Unknown.

LFI-00125: Random access only allowed on fixed length record files.

LFI-00005: Free some memory failed in string.

LFI-00120: Unable to parse root filename string.

LFI-00126: Record format can only be one of Fixed or Variable.

LFI-00121: Only one of REPLACE, or PROT allowed for opty.

LFI-00112: Invalid Standard File ID Descriptor.

LFI-00101: Write failed, file cannot be written to.

LFI-00123: Cannot access file Sequentially and Randomly.

LFI-00133: Trying to create file string that already exists.

LFI-00131: No open type specified.

LFI-00006: Invalid parameter to function string.

LFI-00108: Open expect the file [string][string] to exist.

LFI-00135: Unable to remove temporary file.

LFI-00002: Out of memory. string

LFI-00100: Unable to perform operation, file not opened in string.

LFI-00132: Record length string is greater than max length of string.

LFI-00004: Call to string failed.

LFI-00110: Unable to initialize the Buffer Manager.

LFI-00122: Can only delete a file if we create it.

LFI-00109: Unable to open file [string][string]. string.

LFI-00119: Unable to Abort an Unprotected file.

LFI-00137: Unable to perform string on a file object that is string.

LFI-00103: Seek operation failed.

LFI-00127: No Record Format was specified, default is variable.

LFI-00136: Unable to change type of open file.

LFI-00117: Unable to rename file.

LFI-00102: Unable to seek in sequentially accessed file.

LFI-00128: Carriage Control is only valid for Standard file objects.

LFI-00134: Unable to protect a file for an append operation.

LFI-00003: Internal exception code. icode = [string], [string].

LFI-00000: Normal, successful completion.

LFI-00105: Unable to add path.

LFI-00007: NLSRTL's call failed. string.

LFI-00140: Invalid option string were specified on input-output file.

LFI-00001: File IO Internal Error #number

LFI-00124: No access mode was specified, default is sequential.

LFI-00107: Open does not expect the file [string][string] to exist.

LFI-00106: Path object holds more than one path.

LFI-00129: Invalid option string were specified on an input only file.

LFI-00138: Unable to perform string on a name object that is string.

LFI-00130: Input option specified on output only file.

LFI-00104: Read operation failed.

LFI-00114: Append is not allowed with string.

LFI-00113: Unable to initialize the Standard File object string.

LFI-00115: Buffer free failed.

LFI-00139: Option string cannot be used with option string in calling string.

LFI-00116: Unable to close file in operation string.

LFI-00008: SLTS's initializing/terminating mutex failed for string.

LFI-00111: No other flags allowed in fixed length format.