Errores NID

Errores NID mas frecuentes

NID-00106: LOGIN to target database failed with Oracle error: string

NID-00131: Control file is not current

NID-00140: Specified database name string does not match previous name used string

NID-00135: There are number active threads

NID-00111: Oracle error reported from target database while executing string string

NID-00125: Database should have no disabled datafiles

NID-00121: Database should not be open

NID-00137: All datafiles that are not dropped should be readable

NID-00109: DBNAME string length number exceeds maximum length of number

NID-00100: Cannot open datafile "string"

NID-00127: All online files in the database must have the same checkpoint SCN

NID-00139: Mismatched dbname for datafile string, expected string, found string

NID-00144: New name for database string is the same as current name string

NID-00145: nls subsystem initialization failure for product=string, facility=string

NID-00142: Only changing database name, previous attempt changed dbid to number

NID-00132: CHECKPOINT_CHANGE# in datafile "string": string in the future of controlfile: string

NID-00107: File I/O error on datafile "string" during string operation (number/string)

NID-00128: Cannot revert change of database, change not in progress

NID-00122: Database should have no offline immediate datafiles

NID-00103: Missing password in connect string "string"

NID-00105: Need to specify "LOGFILE=<logfile>" when using APPEND=YES option

NID-00120: Database should be mounted exclusively

NID-00130: Mismatched CHECKPOINT_CHANGE# in datafile "string", expecting string, found string

NID-00124: Mismatched dbid for datafile string, expected number, found number

NID-00138: Block verification failed for datafile string (number)

NID-00123: Magic number for datafile "string" is incorrect

NID-00115: Database should be mounted

NID-00133: Database should have only consistent datafiles

NID-00110: Cannot use REVERT and specify a database name at the same time

NID-00143: Mismatched controlfile string

NID-00141: No database name specified, previous attempt used string

NID-00102: Garbled target string

NID-00113: Error reading answer - aborting

NID-00134: Datafile "string" is not consistent

NID-00129: Invalid DBID for datafile "string", expecting number, found number

NID-00114: Must specify new database name when SETNAME is used

NID-00101: LOGFILE (string) not accessible

NID-00126: Database should have no datafiles in unknown state

NID-00104: Need to specify TARGET connection parameter in command line