Errores NNF

Errores NNF mas frecuentes

NNF-00004: Operation not supported in string

NNF-00002: Invalid value passed to function call

NNF-00003: Naming adapter string does not exist

NNF-01008: XDS attribute syntax string incorrect for Oracle Names syntax string

NNF-01004: DCE returned unspecified error string

NNF-00520: Update entry (address, profile, etc.). For 8.1+ NNFG API.Usage: update_entry name <c,a,r,d> [type] {attr value}

NNF-01001: ds_initialize: workspace initialization failed

NNF-00512: Qualifies an unqualified name as per the current adapter

NNF-00540: Failed to insert name: string

NNF-01102: DS_C_NAME_ERROR (matched string)

NNF-01005: Internal XOM class violation

NNF-00005: Functionality not implemented

NNF-01003: DCE could not find cell name

NNF-00506: Loads the addresses found in a TNSNAMES.ORA file into DCE CDS

NNF-00510: Modifies the contents of a name

NNF-00533: Shows or sets internal cname buffer size

NNF-01006: Attribute string not available

NNF-01002: DCE could not open configuration file

NNF-01010: DCE problem code number does not match XDS class string

NNF-00521: Shows or sets the authentication info.Usage: set authinfo type {[param]}

NNF-00532: Shows or sets internal name buffer size

NNF-00509: Loads addresses found in the given file into the current adapter

NNF-00508: Shows or sets the current default domain

NNF-00518: Shows or sets the search path used by show_entry

NNF-00501: Shows or sets the current native naming adapter

NNF-01012: DCE generic security failure


NNF-00514: Exits the program

NNF-01011: DCE reported OS error


NNF-01007: DCE long strings are not supported

NNF-00511: Retrieves addresses associated with a name via the directory path

NNF-00503: Shows or sets internal buffer sizes

NNF-00519: Show the contents of an entry (address, profile, etc.). For 8.1+ NNFG API.Usage: show_entry name type

NNF-00502: Display the information retrieved by the last query

NNF-00504: Shows or sets the control flags for name service operations

NNF-00505: Shows or sets the current data used for the next modify operation

NNF-00516: Shows or sets the replace data used for the next modify operation


NNF-00515: Rename a name with the current adapter

NNF-00513: Queries a name with the current adapter

NNF-00531: Shows or sets internal address buffer size

NNF-00001: Not a TNS address


NNF-00517: Verify that a name is valid with the current adapter

NNF-01009: Unknown DCE class

NNF-00507: Deletes a name and all its attributes



NNF-00000: normal, successful completion