Errores NNL

Errores NNL mas frecuentes

NNL-00018: warning: could not contact default name server

NNL-00045: No host given for LDAP server

NNL-00020: warning: no TNSNAMES.ORA file and no preferred name servers in SQLNET.ORA

NNL-00015: type "string" has "string" syntax, which has no textual representation

NNL-00210: Cache checkpointing is currently disabled

NNL-00048: Error opening file: string

NNL-00203: Scheduled shutdown to occur in string

NNL-00207: Scheduled reload check to occur in string

NNL-00205: Reload check occurs in string

NNL-00010: error getting address for server "string"

NNL-00024: warning: no preferred name servers in SQLNET.ORA

NNL-00022: error changing trace level from string to string, level change ignored

NNL-00049: Output in string cannot be renamed to string

NNL-00005: no server has been set. Use the "SET SERVER" command first

NNL-00013: not performed, permission denied for supplied password

NNL-00007: server responded with an error

NNL-00006: timeout, server is not responding

NNL-00002: request argument "string" is not allowed with this operation

NNL-00046: Name string exceeds DN template depth

NNL-00047: LDAP modify returned error: number, string

NNL-00042: LDAP bind failure: number, string

NNL-00039: no RRs

NNL-00000: normal, successful completion

NNL-00008: request not understood by server

NNL-00012: invalid "string" value "string"

NNL-00023: SET command is missing an argument

NNL-00014: unknown data type "string"

NNL-00206: No reload check currently scheduled

NNL-00009: encryption of server password failed

NNL-00044: Unsupported data type string not mapped

NNL-00208: Cancelled reload check

NNL-00035: File string or nested IFILEs not found.

NNL-00242: Processing of modification requests is currently disabled

NNL-00204: Cancelled shutdown

NNL-00038: Distinguished Name syntax error

NNL-00016: cannot start server, error getting program directory's name

NNL-00017: cannot start server, program "string" does not exist

NNL-00040: Distinguished Name exceeds buffer length: string

NNL-00037: Error number while sequencing through parameter table.

NNL-00019: warning: server either changed or ignored your request

NNL-00011: no server with name "string" exists

NNL-00209: Cache checkpoint interval is currently string

NNL-00004: invalid command argument "string"

NNL-00043: LDAP open failure

NNL-00003: memory exhausted

NNL-00001: request argument "string" is invalid

NNL-00211: Cache checkpoint interval is now string

NNL-00041: Object string not in domain string

NNL-00201: Shutdown occurs in string

NNL-00036: No records loaded

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