Errores NZE

Errores NZE mas frecuentes

NZE-28751: Memory allocation failed

NZE-28759: Failed to open file

NZE-28784: File name translation failed

NZE-28787: Encryption of private key failed

NZE-28767: Invalid version number

NZE-28750: Unknown error occurred

NZE-28780: Invalid method specified by parameter

NZE-28775: Close of file failed

NZE-28795: Attribute data type termination failed

NZE-28788: Invalid information provided by the user or unknown error

NZE-28763: Invalid parameter type

NZE-28779: No data access method specified in parameter

NZE-28757: Attempted to allocate 0 bytes of memory

NZE-28791: Certificate verification failed

NZE-28799: Failed to allocate shared memory

NZE-28783: Invalid parameter

NZE-28765: Data method list does not exist

NZE-28792: PL/SQL operation failed

NZE-28758: Memory release failed

NZE-28752: Failed to initialize data source

NZE-28778: Parameter not specified in proper format

NZE-28798: Number of sub-keys to bind does not match that in key

NZE-28790: NLS string open failed

NZE-28781: no method data specified in parameter

NZE-28760: List creation failed

NZE-28753: Failed to terminate use of data source

NZE-28771: Data source not yet initialized

NZE-28774: Write of file to disk failed

NZE-28776: Output buffer supplied is too small

NZE-28777: Binding creation failed

NZE-28782: Data source not allocated

NZE-28794: Attribute initialization data type failed

NZE-28793: Variable bind failed

NZE-28770: Data source already initialized

NZE-28796: Unsupported access method

NZE-28786: Decryption of encrypted private key failed

NZE-28764: Configuration parameter retrieval failed

NZE-28761: Failed to create element

NZE-28769: Specified method does not exist

NZE-28773: Write of magic and version numbers failed

NZE-28772: Invalid file ID

NZE-28797: Invalid data type

NZE-28785: Parameter does not exist

NZE-28800: Open failed

NZE-28756: Callback failed to allocate memory

NZE-28754: Storage of object failed

NZE-28789: Name type not found

NZE-28762: Failed to add element

NZE-28755: object retrieval failed

NZE-28766: Failed to terminate use of data source