Errores O2F

Errores O2F mas frecuentes

O2F-00306: Unable to close the INTYPE file

O2F-00333: An unexpected token appeared where a keyword was expected in the INTYPE file

O2F-00334: A user-defined type is listed more than once in the INTYPE file

O2F-00317: Error opening the ERRTYPE file for writing

O2F-00307: Unable to read the INTYPE file

O2F-00315: An attribute of a type is listed twice in a type specification

O2F-00341: An error occurred for which no message is available

O2F-00305: Error opening the INTYPE file for reading

O2F-00325: None of the characters in a name were legal identifier characters

O2F-00308: No type specifications were seen in the INTYPE file

O2F-00337: Schema not found, or no types found in schema

O2F-00318: Error writing to the OUTTYPE file

O2F-00303: No INTYPE file was specified

O2F-00335: Internal error in O2F component of OTT

O2F-00326: Some characters in this name were not legal identifier characters

O2F-00327: CASE option has an illegal value

O2F-00314: AS expected but not seen in the INTYPE file

O2F-00339: CODE option has an illegal value

O2F-00301: Error attempting to read from the INTYPE file

O2F-00322: Unable to close the OUTTYPE file

O2F-00332: A database link may not appear in the name of a user-defined type

O2F-00302: Unable to allocate memory

O2F-00304: Invalid filename for the INTYPE file

O2F-00328: Illegal INITFUNC name

O2F-00321: Error opening the OUTTYPE file for writing

O2F-00329: Type or option specification expected

O2F-00312: Illegal or missing type version string

O2F-00336: Error reported by subsystem:

O2F-00309: Name of user-defined type is illegal or missing

O2F-00316: An unexpected token was seen at the end of a type specification

O2F-00310: Illegal or missing identifier name

O2F-00324: Unable to convert from the database character set to the compiler character set

O2F-00323: Internal error in OTT facility O2F

O2F-00340: Name was null

O2F-00313: Illegal or missing attribute name

O2F-00331: A syntactically illegal name was seen in the INTYPE file

O2F-00338: Illegal or missing package name

O2F-00319: No OUTTYPE file specified

O2F-00320: Invalid filename for the OUTTYPE file

O2F-00330: Name exceeds 265 bytes in length

O2F-00311: Illegal or missing file name