Errores ORA

Errores ORA mas frecuentes

ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long

ORA-00205: error in identifying controlfile, check alert log for more info

ORA-01850: hour must be between 0 and 23

ORA-24761: transaction rolled back

ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name

ORA-02064: distributed operation not supported

ORA-02275: such a referential constraint already exists in the table

ORA-29276: transfer timeout

ORA-02069: global_names parameter must be set to TRUE for this operation

ORA-12704: character set mismatch

ORA-29277: invalid SMTP operation

ORA-01488: invalid nibble or byte in the input data

ORA-00030: User session ID does not exist.

ORA-01453: SET TRANSACTION must be first statement of transaction

ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing string

ORA-00998: must name this expression with a column alias

ORA-00950: invalid DROP option

ORA-24333: zero iteration count

ORA-01536: space quota exceeded for tablespace 'string'

ORA-01847: day of month must be between 1 and last day of month

ORA-24344: success with compilation error

ORA-04079: invalid trigger specification

ORA-01407: cannot update (string) to NULL

ORA-06504: PL/SQL: Return types of Result Set variables or query do not match

ORA-26002: Table string has index defined upon it.

ORA-06544: PL/SQL: internal error, arguments: [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string]

ORA-14551: cannot perform a DML operation inside a query

ORA-29284: file read error

ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified

ORA-02089: COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session

ORA-06401: NETCMN: invalid driver designator

ORA-01733: virtual column not allowed here

ORA-01034: ORACLE not available

ORA-24324: service handle not initialized

ORA-01920: user name 'string' conflicts with another user or role name

ORA-02287: sequence number not allowed here

ORA-00906: missing left parenthesis

ORA-01027: bind variables not allowed for data definition operations

ORA-06575: Package or function string is in an invalid state

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [string] [string] [string] [string] [string] [string]

ORA-01801: date format is too long for internal buffer

ORA-01144: File size (string blocks) exceeds maximum of string blocks

ORA-22905: cannot access rows from a non-nested table item

ORA-29266: end-of-body reached

ORA-22922: nonexistent LOB value

ORA-19502: write error on file "string", blockno string (blocksize=string)

ORA-01436: CONNECT BY loop in user data

ORA-00372: file string cannot be modified at this time

ORA-14552: cannot perform a DDL, commit or rollback inside a query or DML

ORA-25153: Temporary Tablespace is Empty