Errores PCB

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PCB-00223: Undeclared variable "string"

PCB-00204: Group items cannot be used except in INTO or VALUES clause

PCB-00008: Must use option SQLCHECK=SEMANTICS(FULL) when there is embedded PL/SQL

PCB-00009: Cannot change MAXLITERAL after an EXEC SQL statement

PCB-00211: VARYING not supported with PIC N or PIC G variable "string"

PCB-00109: Unable to open generated source file "string"

PCB-00012: Command line option DYNAMIC=ANSI required with option TYPE_CODE=ANSI

PCB-00110: Unable to open temporary file "string"

PCB-00206: Cannot use N quoted literal in PL/SQL when NLS_LOCAL=YES

PCB-00225: Undeclared SQL identifier "string"

PCB-00002: Command line processor severe error

PCB-00201: Indicator variable string not a group item

PCB-00903: Pro*COBOL is unable to initialize its parser function

PCB-00104: Unable to open input file "string"

PCB-00003: Value of DBMS option invalid with given value of MODE option

PCB-00215: OCCURS TO TIMES clause not allowed for host variable "string"

PCB-00205: Cannot use PIC N or PIC G variable in PL/SQL when NLS_LOCAL=YES

PCB-00202: Indicator variable string not a group item or table

PCB-00106: Unable to open INCLUDE file "string"

PCB-00203: Nested group item "string" not supported

PCB-00222: Size for host variable string exceeds maximum size

PCB-00011: DBMS=V6 no longer supported; using DBMS=NATIVE

PCB-00200: Cannot equivalence PIC N or PIC G variable "string"

PCB-00214: JUSTIFIED clause not allowed for host variable "string"

PCB-00207: Invalid use of PIC N or PIC G table variable when NLS_LOCAL=YES

PCB-00108: Unable to open list file "string"

PCB-00004: UNSAFE_NULL=YES must be used with DBMS=V7 or V8 and MODE=ORACLE

PCB-00209: Scale is not supported for host variable "string"

PCB-00010: SQLCHECK value in EXEC ORACLE statement exceeds command line value

PCB-00006: Userid only used when SQLCHECK=FULL, userid ignored.

PCB-00102: Input file name length exceeds the maximum length

PCB-00216: OCCURS ASCENDING/DESCENDING clause not allowed for "string"

PCB-00226: SQL identifier "string" already defined

PCB-00001: string

PCB-00105: Included file name "string" exceeds name limit of number characters

PCB-00217: OCCURS INDEXED clause not allowed for host variable "string"

PCB-00210: DISPLAY-1 only allowed with PIC G and PIC N variables "string"

PCB-00212: PICTURE clause not allowed for host variable "string"

PCB-00218: RENAMES clause not allowed for host variable "string"

PCB-00101: Could not find or open system configuration file

PCB-00208: Incorrect type for host variable "string"

PCB-00005: Command line option MODE=ANSI required with option NLS_LOCAL=YES

PCB-00100: Unable to reopen temporary file string

PCB-00227: Undeclared indicator variable "string"

PCB-00219: Invalid size specified in EXEC SQL VAR statement

PCB-00221: OCCURS DEPENDING ON clause not allowed for host variable "string"

PCB-00224: Ambiguously referenced variable "string"

PCB-00229: Indicator variable "string" has wrong type or length

PCB-00228: Invalid group item variable "string"

PCB-00007: string