Errores DRG

Errores DRG mas frecuentes

DRG-51030: wildcard query expansion resulted in too many terms

DRG-10502: index string does not exist

DRG-10314: logging has not been started

DRG-10016: you must be the owner to modify this object

DRG-10507: duplicate index name: string

DRG-10510: stopword is missing

DRG-10017: you must be string to do this: string

DRG-10520: failed to drop index: string

DRG-10204: server update failed

DRG-10203: server named string does not exist

DRG-10315: logging is not supported on MTS

DRG-10200: invalid server personality mask: string

DRG-10532: table is not partitioned

DRG-10306: server terminated unexpectedly while processing command

DRG-10309: not enough job queue processes

DRG-10302: interrupted waiting for responses from servers

DRG-10313: logging has already been started

DRG-10001: can not access result table string

DRG-12604: execution of user datastore procedure has failed

DRG-10525: missing REBUILD keyword

DRG-10518: an operation is in progress which conflicts with string request

DRG-10011: invalid object name string

DRG-10501: invalid stopword: string

DRG-10504: primary key is required when using the DETAIL_DATASTORE

DRG-10528: primary keys of type string are not allowed

DRG-10511: index string does not exist or is incomplete

DRG-10503: table string cannot be indexed because it has no primary key

DRG-10303: could not queue given commands to be processed

DRG-10517: index string is already valid

DRG-10308: no server with the required string personality mask is running

DRG-11422: linguistic initialization failed

DRG-10101: no value for argument: string

DRG-10509: invalid text column: string

DRG-10599: column is not indexed

DRG-10310: servers were shutdown before processing request

DRG-10304: unexpected error sending command(s) to Oracle Text server

DRG-10301: timed out waiting for responses from servers

DRG-10100: invalid argument found: string

DRG-10000: failed to read column string

DRG-10103: illegal value for argument: string

DRG-10506: table does not exist: string

DRG-10305: pipe string is full

DRG-10513: index string metadata is corrupt

DRG-10531: parallel parameter must be > 0

DRG-10015: id exceeds limit(2147483642) of a number

DRG-10002: can not insert into result table

DRG-10206: failed to perform recovery for a server or client

DRG-10311: remote send not supported

DRG-10102: mandatory argument missing: string

DRG-10202: server failed to register

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