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LPX-00225: end-element tag "string" does not match start-element tag "string"

LPX-00210: expected 'character' instead of 'character'

LPX-00209: PI names starting with XML are reserved

LPX-00007: unexpected end-of-file encountered

LPX-00216: invalid character number (number)

LPX-00202: could not open file "string"

LPX-00234: namespace prefix "string" is not declared

LPX-00283: document encoding is string-based but default input encoding is not

LPX-00230: invalid character number (number) found in a Name or Nmtoken

LPX-00200: could not convert from encoding string to string

LPX-00104: element "string" is not declared in the DTD

LPX-00229: input source is empty

LPX-00002: out of memory

LPX-00231: invalid character number ('character') found in a Name or Nmtoken

LPX-00203: could not read from file "string"

LPX-00212: comment must not contain "--"

LPX-00001: NULL pointer

LPX-00110: invalid string "string" (not a Name)

LPX-00245: extra data after end of document

LPX-00008: invalid memory callback

LPX-00005: string buffer overflow, maximum size is number bytes

LPX-00004: internal error "string"

LPX-00118: undefined entity "string"

LPX-00014: context is not clean

LPX-00114: element "string" attribute "string" has invalid enumeration value "string"

LPX-00107: element "string" has multiple declarations

LPX-00124: attribute value should be one or more tokens

LPX-00111: invalid string "string" (not a Nmtoken)

LPX-00108: parameter-entity parenthetical cannot be split up

LPX-00003: duplicate entry in hash table

LPX-00201: unknown encoding "string"

LPX-00122: undefined ID "string" in IDREF

LPX-00105: element "string" is not empty as required by the DTD

LPX-00206: invalid CDATA section

LPX-00217: invalid character number (number)

LPX-00000: normal, successful completion

LPX-00121: undefined notation "string"

LPX-00109: duplicate name "string" in mixed-content declaration

LPX-00101: parameter-entity markup cannot be split up

LPX-00123: duplicate ID "string"

LPX-00103: document structure does not match DTD

LPX-00211: attribute default must be REQUIRED, IMPLIED, or FIXED

LPX-00012: Unicode data alignment error

LPX-00125: duplicate entity "string" (ignored)

LPX-00208: unknown DTD keyword "string"

LPX-00006: invalid child type for parent node

LPX-00205: expected "<!--" at the start of comment

LPX-00100: root element "string" does not match DTD root "string"

LPX-00112: element "string" has multiple ID attributes

LPX-00013: wrong node type