Errores NCR

Errores NCR mas frecuentes

NCR-00002: NCR: Invalid usage

NCR-01011: NCRS: Send message failure.

NCR-01003: NCRS: Read error.

NCR-01006: NCRS: Data buffer overflow.

NCR-03007: NCRO: Context is busy

NCR-01020: NCRS: Operation would block.

NCR-03006: NCRO: Invalid operation

NCR-02008: NCRF: Error within stream processing in format interpreter

NCR-03010: NCRO: Transfer callback error

NCR-03014: NCRO: Bad transport address

NCR-03013: NCRO: Operation not supportd

NCR-03005: NCRO: Orphan message

NCR-02009: NCRF: Unable to open trace file

NCR-03018: NCRO: Failed to make RSLV connection

NCR-03004: NCRO: Unknown message

NCR-03022: NCRO: Cannot send the break

NCR-03025: NCRO: Failed to make LIST connection(s)

NCR-02007: NCRF: Invalid format descriptor received

NCR-01004: NCRS: Write error.

NCR-03015: NCRO: No transport address

NCR-02004: NCRF: Invalid format interpreter type context

NCR-03002: NCRO: Maximum number of contexts has been reached

NCR-03027: NCRO: No remote service session set up yet.

NCR-01008: NCRS: Failed to obtain transport parameters.

NCR-01005: NCRS: Failed to flush the output buffer.

NCR-03023: NCRO: Cannot receive the break

NCR-03026: NCRO: The result buffer has overflowed

NCR-02005: NCRF: Invalid session mode

NCR-03003: NCRO: Unexpected message

NCR-01018: NCRS: Encryption failure.

NCR-03008: NCRO: Call rejected

NCR-03016: NCRO: Message has bad address

NCR-03020: NCRO: Invalid call context

NCR-01009: NCRS: Record handling error.

NCR-03021: NCRO: Reset the in-band line

NCR-03019: NCRO: Unable to initialize thread support

NCR-00001: NCR: Could not allocate memory

NCR-01007: NCRS: Operation is not supported in a given mode.

NCR-01012: NCRS: Receive message failure.

NCR-02003: NCRF: Invalid type passed to format interpreter.

NCR-03009: NCRO: Protocol version mismatch

NCR-02006: NCRF: Invalid floating point representation received

NCR-03024: NCRO: Transport type LIST not supported

NCR-01010: NCRS: Invalid network address length.

NCR-00003: NCR: Initialization failure

NCR-03012: NCRO: Invalid session mode

NCR-03017: NCRO: Transport type RSLV not supported

NCR-03028: NCRO: Partner refused request for sender-makes-right.

NCR-01019: NCRS: Checksumming failure.

NCR-01013: NCRS: Unvalid connection type.