Errores NNO

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NNO-00807: End of Fetch: OCI_NO_DATA

NNO-00068: warning: administrative region check failed, next check in number seconds

NNO-00056: warning: domain minimum TTL must be between number and number, set to number seconds

NNO-00063: cannot construct domain checkpoint file name

NNO-00069: warning: too many administrative region check failures, checking disabled

NNO-00062: cannot load domain data from configuration database

NNO-00060: loading server topology from checkpoint file "string"

NNO-00119: line string: server not authoritative for name "string", data ignored

NNO-00118: line string: data length string exceeds maximum of string, data ignored

NNO-00121: LDIF file string open failed: error = number

NNO-00108: line number: TTL of number seconds below domain minimum number, using minimum

NNO-00113: line string: alias data already exists, all other data ignored

NNO-00116: warning: data type "string" in string load

NNO-00050: serious errors in configuration data, server cannot run

NNO-00065: loading cached data from checkpoint file "string"

NNO-00080: domain "string" cannot be delegated because its parent is already delegated

NNO-00053: duplicate domain description for domain "string"

NNO-00055: invalid domain minimum TTL "string"

NNO-00084: domain "string" is not in the authoritative domain list

NNO-00064: loading domain data from checkpoint file "string"

NNO-00111: line string: data type "string" has syntax "string", should be "string", data ignored

NNO-00117: line string: missing data type, data ignored

NNO-00059: cannot construct topology checkpoint file name

NNO-00104: line string: syntax error, data ignored

NNO-00115: line string: single-value data type "string", other instances ignored

NNO-00073: loading server config from region database

NNO-00057: loading and verifying topology data

NNO-00000: normal, successful completion

NNO-00107: line string: ignoring stale checkpoint data

NNO-00061: loading data for domain "string"

NNO-00083: domain "string" server "string" has no addresses

NNO-00071: cannot construct cache checkpoint file name

NNO-00122: invalid name, data ignored: entry: string

NNO-00052: invalid domain description list

NNO-00081: domain "string" has no name servers

NNO-00114: line string: other data exists, alias data ignored

NNO-00054: invalid domain name "string"

NNO-00067: server reload check countdown aborted

NNO-00120: line string: topology name "string" not allowed here

NNO-00051: domain count number exceeds maximum of number, first number will be loaded

NNO-00066: server will perform reload check of administrative region in number seconds

NNO-00112: line string: ignored duplicate data of type "string"

NNO-00110: line string: unknown data type "string", data ignored

NNO-00072: loading from region database

NNO-00109: line string: invalid data type name "string", data ignored

NNO-00082: domain "string" is missing my name "string" as a name server

NNO-00074: downloading region from server string

NNO-00070: administrative region has changed, reloading domain data

NNO-00058: cannot load topology data from configuration database