Errores TNS

Errores TNS mas frecuentes

TNS-00512: Address already in use

TNS-00063: INTCTL: Failed to allocate memory for buffers

TNS-00014: INTCTL: error while opening terminal input channel

TNS-12687: Database link failed: credentials expired

TNS-00560: extraction of name from Entrust certificate failed

TNS-00039: INTCTL: error while spawning a process

TNS-00542: SSL Handshake failed

TNS-12640: Authentication adapter initialization failed

TNS-00004: INTCTL: error while starting the Navigator

TNS-00036: INTCTL: error reading from Navigator or Connection Manager error files

TNS-00002: INTCTL: error while starting the Interchange

TNS-00502: Invalid argument

TNS-00013: INTCTL: error while performing NS disconnect command

TNS-00040: INTCTL: failed to initialize trace context- Continuing anyway

TNS-12552: TNS:operation was interrupted

TNS-03503: Could not initialize NL

TNS-00045: INTCTL: Could not contact the Navigator on address

TNS-12615: TNS:preempt error

TNS-12155: TNS:received bad datatype in NSWMARKER packet

TNS-12636: Packet send failed

TNS-00503: Illegal ADDRESS parameters

TNS-12206: TNS:received a TNS error during navigation

TNS-04045: CMCTL: Could not contact the Connection Manager on address

TNS-12699: Native service internal error

TNS-00038: INTCTL: Poorly formed address or command string

TNS-00517: Lost contact

TNS-00122: Missing ADDRESS(es) in TNSNET.ORA file

TNS-00011: INTCTL: error while starting the Connection Manager

TNS-00037: INTCTL: error opening Navigator or Connection Manager error files

TNS-12599: TNS:cryptographic checksum mismatch

TNS-00065: INTCTL: Command cannot be executed remotely

TNS-00534: Failed to grant connection ownership to child

TNS-00031: INTCTL: internal NT error

TNS-00044: INTCTL: You must have an INTCHG.ORA file to contact the Connection Manager

TNS-00509: Buffer overflow

TNS-00230: Cannot start new pump process:stringstringProtocol Adapter errors:number

TNS-04017: CMCTL: missing Connection Manager data in CMAN.ORA

TNS-02505: Authentication: null context pointer provided

TNS-00019: INTCTL: error initializing the national language interface

TNS-12591: TNS:event signal failure

TNS-12604: TNS: Application timeout occurred

TNS-12650: No common encryption or data integrity algorithm

TNS-00034: INTCTL: internal NR error

TNS-00110: Could not initialize network from file TNSNET.ORA

TNS-00032: INTCTL: internal NS error

TNS-00295: Navigator: Security is enabled, you cannot STOP the Navigator

TNS-01100: TNS returned error number when attempting to start the listener

TNS-04044: CMCTL: You must have an CMAN.ORA file to contact the Connection Manager

TNS-00016: INTCTL: error while performing NS send command

TNS-00027: INTCTL: Could not resolve Navigator's name/address