Errores TNS

Errores TNS mas frecuentes

TNS-12679: Native services disabled by other process but required

TNS-01203: Missing the account (string) specified by DEFAULT_USER_ACCOUNT in SID_DESC

TNS-02514: Invalid packet received

TNS-12554: TNS:current operation is still in progress

TNS-00269: OFF

TNS-00221: Pump Connections Total Data Bytes/Second

TNS-00545: parameter retrieval failure

TNS-01179: Listener cannot load instance class "string"

TNS-00103: Parameter file load error

TNS-00075: NOTE: the user may get the status info of a remote

TNS-01302: nr err code: number

TNS-12585: TNS:data truncation

TNS-00549: value specified for the SSL version is not valid

TNS-00303: Connection Manager: Reread parameter data

TNS-02501: Authentication: no more roles

TNS-01417: "string" established:string refused:string state:string

TNS-12160: TNS:internal error: Bad error number

TNS-12550: TNS:syntax error

TNS-12227: TNS:syntax error

TNS-12623: TNS:operation is illegal in this state

TNS-00237: Failed to refuse connection

TNS-02516: No data available

TNS-00085: * reread - ask the process name to reread parameter files

TNS-00249: Unable to read network configuration data from file string with error: string

TNS-01007: quit | exit : exit LSNRCTL

TNS-01170: Event detection broke for address: string

TNS-00552: no valid cipher suites were specified

TNS-04124: Current display mode is string

TNS-00146: Internal-- Retry data request withing pump.

TNS-01018: save_config [listener_name]: saves configuration changes to parameter file

TNS-12522: TNS:listener could not find available instance with given INSTANCE_ROLE

TNS-04105: set|show remote_admin ON|OFF : sets|shows remote administration capability

TNS-04109: start [cm|adm|cman] : starts selected CMAN process(es)

TNS-12219: TNS:missing community name from address in ADDRESS_LIST

TNS-12232: TNS:No path available to destination

TNS-12651: Encryption or data integrity algorithm unacceptable

TNS-04010: Error while flushing NS context

TNS-01026: Start Date string

TNS-02401: gbname string too long, allowed number characters


TNS-00142: Community mismatch in TNSNAV.ORA

TNS-04134: Number of currently active relays string

TNS-03510: Failed due to I/O error

TNS-00105: Could not initialize tracing

TNS-00314: Protocol Adapter Errors: number,number

TNS-02519: no appropriate key-negotiation parameters

TNS-01043: Password changed for string

TNS-04204: Trace Assistant Internal ERROR: Couldn't Open trace file

TNS-12620: TNS:requested characteristic not available

TNS-12646: Invalid value specified for boolean parameter