Errores TNS

Errores TNS mas frecuentes

TNS-00238: Pump number @: string:

TNS-01034: Uptime number days number hr. number min. number sec

TNS-01173: Missing or inappropriate PRESPAWN_MAX parameter from SID_DESC

TNS-04061: CMCTL: Bad command or syntax error: You must specify a trace level

TNS-04074: * status - get status from the process_name

TNS-04088: argument is only supplied trace_on

TNS-12161: TNS:internal error: partial data received

TNS-12671: Shared server: adapter failed to save context

TNS-00109: Message could not be printed; not enough memory

TNS-00302: Connection Manager: Unknown Request

TNS-01174: The sum of the POOL_SIZEs from each PRESPAWN_DESC is greater than the PRESPAWN_MAX

TNS-01177: Log Status is OFF. Log file/directory unchanged

TNS-04233: Trace Assistant WARNING: Going beyond Packet length

TNS-00305: The Navigator encountered an invalid/unknown trace level

TNS-00518: Incomplete read or write

TNS-01109: Listener password encryption failed

TNS-01110: Mismatch - password unchanged

TNS-04131: Starting string: please wait...

TNS-12551: TNS:missing keyword

TNS-12664: Services required by server not available on the client

TNS-12675: External user name not available yet

TNS-00112: Failed to find configuration file name

TNS-04064: CMCTL: Failed to find CMANAGER_NAME in CMAN.ORA

TNS-04092: show address : displays address list CMAN is listening on

TNS-00145: PUMPS value in INTCHG.ORA is too large.

TNS-00210: Total Pumps Available : number

TNS-00250: Navigator has been started

TNS-01004: reload [listener_name] : reload the parameter files and SIDs


TNS-02510: Invalid numeric data type

TNS-04202: Trace Assistant Usage ERROR: Not enough arguments

TNS-00080: * force_log - ask process_name to dump its state


TNS-01156: Missing or inappropriate PROTOCOL, TIMEOUT or POOL_SIZE parameter from PRESPAWN_DESC

TNS-00073: * stop/abort - stop the process_name

TNS-00107: Unable to initialize TNS global data

TNS-00266: Navigator: Unknown Request

TNS-01016: change_password [listener_name]: changes the password of the listener

TNS-12690: Server Authentication failed, login cancelled

TNS-01405: Host: string

TNS-04062: CMCTL: Bad command or syntax error: For help type help/h/?

TNS-04211: Trace Assistant Internal ERROR: CORE

TNS-12150: TNS:unable to send data

TNS-12644: Authentication service initialization failed

TNS-00207: Uptime : number days number hr. number min. number sec

TNS-01037: "string" established: string refused: string

TNS-00548: value specified for client authentication parameter is not boolean

TNS-00557: unsupported wallet retrieval method

TNS-01080: Listener failed to start. See the error message(s) above...

TNS-01200: The listener must be suid root