Errores MOD

Errores MOD mas frecuentes

MOD-00008: unable to open include file "string" at line number in file string

MOD-00033: Ireclen exceeded. Line number in file string truncated.

MOD-00011: unable to open output file "string"

MOD-00049: unable to initialize PL/SQL

MOD-00020: option "string" not legal as EXEC ORACLE OPTION

MOD-00001: unable to open file string

MOD-00015: Oracle Error: string

MOD-00048: cursor "string" was never opened.

MOD-00023: invalid option "string"

MOD-00024: missing operand for option "string"

MOD-00046: cursor "string" has not been declared

MOD-00030: both CURSOR and STATEMENT have AT clauses at line number of file string.

MOD-00032: illegal syntax, PL/SQL not allowed! Found statement at line number of file string.

MOD-00004: unsupported datatype in line number of file string

MOD-00019: indicator variable "string" has wrong type or length at line number in file string

MOD-00031: error at line number, column number. PLS-number: string

MOD-00038: module name required when output language is Ada

MOD-00050: formal parameter "string" is not used in procedure "string"

MOD-00018: unable to disconnect from Oracle

MOD-00045: a character string length of number is illegal

MOD-00005: invalid include file name at column number in line number of file string

MOD-00003: invalid SQL Identifier at column number in line number of file string

MOD-00022: invalid operand "string" for option "string"

MOD-00026: no host language specified

MOD-00013: expected "string", but found "string" at line number in file string

MOD-00014: unable to obtain bind variables at line number in file string

MOD-00029: VARCHAR string at number is larger than 65533 line number in file string

MOD-00007: unable to open a cursor at line number in file string

MOD-00016: out of space - unable to allocate number bytes

MOD-00025: unable to create access module

MOD-00052: STORE_PACKAGE database does not match connection host

MOD-00010: unable to open listing file "string"

MOD-00043: cannot declare procedure "string" more than once

MOD-00037: end of SQL statement or PL/SQL block not found

MOD-00027: no input file name specified

MOD-00021: ambiguous option "string"

MOD-00028: array host variable is illegal in this SQL statement

MOD-00002: invalid syntax at column number in line number of file string

MOD-00051: invalid reference mode specified for parameter "string"

MOD-00041: ANSI violation at line number, column number: string

MOD-00040: no output language specified; compilation aborted

MOD-00047: an open statement already exists for cursor "string"

MOD-00012: unable to parse statement at line number in file string

MOD-00017: unable to connect to Oracle with "string:string/string". Oracle error number: number

MOD-00036: internal programming exception

MOD-00042: cannot declare cursor "string" more than once

MOD-00035: your string authorization is about to expire

MOD-00039: unable to open specifications file "string"

MOD-00034: insufficient authorization to run string

MOD-00044: cannot declare parameter "string" in procedure "string" more than once