Errores QSM

Errores QSM mas frecuentes

QSM-00513: one or more of the workload tables is missing

QSM-01001: query rewrite not enabled

QSM-01002: no query rewrite when OPTIMIZER_GOAL is rule based

QSM-02172: the SELECT list does not have the rowids of all the detail tables

QSM-01041: materialized view, string, does not match with a measure in the query

QSM-00518: Java is not enabled. Please execute INITJVM.SQL and INITQSMA.SQL

QSM-01026: query rewrite is disabled for, string

QSM-01031: materialized view, string, is stale in TRUSTED integrity mode

QSM-01007: query has NOREWRITE hint

QSM-00517: Summary Advisor requires a COMPATIBLE setting of or greater

QSM-01003: no query rewrite on DDL queries

QSM-00504: internal error

QSM-00511: invalid fact-tables specified in fact-filter

QSM-01033: query rewritten with materialized view, string

QSM-01008: no query rewrite for update queries

QSM-01009: materialized view, string, matched query text

QSM-01022: a more optimal materialized view than string was used to rewrite

QSM-00515: operation cancelled by user

QSM-00519: Summary Advisor is not installed. Please execute INITQSMA.SQL.

QSM-01030: materialized view, string, has PL/SQL functions in ENFORCED integrity mode

QSM-00503: out of memory

QSM-01011: when heuristic rewrite not set, rewrite hint required

QSM-02059: join may produce duplicate rows in materialized view

QSM-01021: materialized view, string, not found in the hint list

QSM-01029: materialized view, string, is stale in ENFORCED integrity mode

QSM-01010: table(s) in the query not found in materialized view, string

QSM-01013: nested aggregates or CONNECT BY/START WITH clause present

QSM-00508: statistics missing on tables/columns

QSM-01032: materialized view, string, not found

QSM-00510: statistics missing on summaries

QSM-01019: no suitable materialized view found to rewrite this query

QSM-00516: illegal status detected for run

QSM-00502: OCI error

QSM-01039: selection present on right hand side of an outer join

QSM-00501: unable to initialize Summary Advisor environment

QSM-01028: materialized view, string, is currently being refreshed

QSM-01034: materialized view, string, needs a dimension level to join table, string

QSM-00506: no fact-tables could be found

QSM-00509: invalid parameter

QSM-01016: Query rewrite does not support aggregate string

QSM-02170: tables must be identical across the UNION operator

QSM-01018: single table materialized join view rewrite not required

QSM-01040: match between the materialized view (string) and query join graphs failed

QSM-01042: anchor and matching join arc check failed for string

QSM-01012: SAMPLE clause present in FROM

QSM-01014: top level operator in WHERE clause of the query is an OR

QSM-00512: invalid summaries specified in the retention-list

QSM-00507: no dimensions could be found

QSM-01015: GROUP BY clause has non-columns

QSM-00505: syntax error