Errores ORA

Errores ORA mas frecuentes

ORA-36720: (XSALLOC01) To be used with ALLOCATE, your AGGMAP workspace object must be defined with the ALLOCMAP command.

ORA-01768: number string too long

ORA-02088: distributed database option not installed

ORA-02101: PCC: inconsistent cursor cache (uce/cuc mismatch)

ORA-06126: NETTCP: ORASRV unable to open network connection

ORA-06321: IPA: Cannot reach the remote side

ORA-06526: Unable to load PL/SQL library

ORA-06747: TLI Driver: error in listen

ORA-06806: TLI Driver: could not complete protocol initialization for SPX

ORA-06916: CMX: error in data read (t_datain)

ORA-06976: X.25 Driver: endpoint creation failure

ORA-07574: szrfc: $GETUAI failure

ORA-07635: smsdbp: $SETPRT failure

ORA-07643: smsalo: SMSVAR is invalid

ORA-07860: osnsoi: error setting up interrupt handler

ORA-08235: smsget: listener not on this node

ORA-09271: szlon: error verifying user name

ORA-09281: sllfop: error opening file

ORA-09369: Windows 3.1 Two-Task driver bad instance handle

ORA-09708: soacon: failed to bind socket to port.

ORA-09834: snyGetPortSet: failed to collect info on a port.

ORA-12420: required procedures and functions not in policy package "string"

ORA-12436: no policy options specified

ORA-12485: new effective label not within effective clearance

ORA-13026: unknown element type for element string.string.string

ORA-13332: invalid LRS point

ORA-13359: extent does not have an area

ORA-13426: unsupported raster origin

ORA-14269: cannot exchange partition other than a Range or Hash partition


ORA-16066: remote archival disabled

ORA-16075: standby database destination mismatch

ORA-16092: dependent archive log destination is not active

ORA-16741: Control files parameter could not be set

ORA-16747: Logical standby guard could not be turned on

ORA-22876: this user-defined type is not allowed or it cannot be used in this context

ORA-23493: "string" is not a new site for extension request "string"

ORA-24044: source string and destination string object types do not match

ORA-24056: internal inconsistency for QUEUE string and destination string


ORA-24202: publisher does not exist for the queue

ORA-24759: invalid transaction start flags

ORA-25469: data not specified for alias: string column name: string

ORA-25528: too many candidate MTTRs are specified in _DB_MTTR_SIM_TARGET

ORA-29367: object string does not exist

ORA-29507: query derived from USING clause found zero or many rows

ORA-29852: keyword IS is missing

ORA-30513: cannot create system triggers of INSTEAD OF type

ORA-01964: Must specify a time for the TIME option

ORA-02492: missing required file block increment size in NEXT clause